Return To Traditional Art Style


I have been making digital art on Photoshop for several years now. My results have improved considerably. However, I have unfortunately neglected traditional art, and it is now time to return to my roots.

I have been drawing on paper all my life. However, for the past 8 years, I have drawn a very small amount of art on paper. In fact, up until the last few years, I had stopped drawing altogether. 8 years ago, I was going beyond my limits in terms of traditional art. However, at that time, I felt it was not something that would bring me money, and thus, I abandoned drawing. A few years ago, I decided to return to drawing. I felt that art was my passion, and that I could turn it into a career if I tried hard enough. And here I am today. I decided to start selling my art only 6 months ago, and already, I have sold a lot of drawings. When I returned to art, I decided to go the digital route, because I felt that was the future of art. However,  I have come to realize that versatility is key to being a successful artist, and in order to do that, I would not only have to relearn drawing with pencil, colored pencil, and pen, but I would also have to learn to use new mediums, such as charcoal and paint.

I took a class and learned a few basics on drawing with charcoal. It was a lot of fun, and I saw my talent translate well into a new style. However, with pencil and pen, which I did not take classes for and haven’t done in years, I found that I have regressed. And thus, I am now on a journey to not only improve existing skills and learn new ones, but to resurrect old ones, as well. It is a bit disheartening to see one’s skills decline, but that is what happens when you don’t keep at it consistently. I hope fellow artists reading this take note, and never abandon their craft. And not just artists, any skill in any trade will decline when neglected. As an example, many of us who work out have had to take long breaks from the gym, for whatever reason, and felt, upon our return, that we were practically starting from scratch. We could no longer work out as well, and for as long as we could before. I’m in the same boat right now regarding traditional art. However, what matters is the state of mind. I am more determined than ever, and that means I will create better, more creative art, and at a faster pace than I ever did before. With every medium that is available.


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