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Traces // Fuerteventura

Beautiful and inspiring!


Sotavento // Fuerteventura Sotavento // Fuerteventura

Time to move on from Eivissa…to something long gone. A bit paradoxical. I found this picture again after thinking about what to publish next. And here it is. A wonderful day at Sotavento Beach on the island of Fuerteventura ended with this photograph (and some dozens more). Some time ago, I was asked by a friend “what the hell do you do on Fuerteventura? There is nothing but desert and stones.” My answer was…”exactly”. That’s what I am craving for…desert, rocks and the sea. What is there more to need? Jungle with spiders? Cities with people? Hell, really? A stone to sit in a desert close to the sea…that’s the stuff. Ok, indoctrination ends here…take a look yourself, if you are there anyways. Or go there on purpose, I recommend…Tata!

By the way: A couple of days ago, photonautics has passed the 1000 views mark…in words: one…

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